Monday, December 31, 2007

So Long 2007 & Welcome to 2008

It's been a terrific year of 2007. A lot of bad things happen and of cos a little of good things happen. So, let reviews and list out all.....

    • - I've been "shaking my leg" for this past 1 years. I had try to find jobs but all was not my type.
    • - I've been "hibernating" for 1 years ++ at my hometown. And it's very boring here.
    • - My cash was so limited that i have to plan my "cash out". Although back here, the life style is quite low but i still have to careful.
    • - I had my car licences this year. Been busy with my works in KL last few years that i don't have time to get it.
    • - This is my first year celebrated Merdeka, Christmas & New Year at my - hometown. (and no fireworks!!!!! hmpH~)
    • - I had been singles for consecutive 2 years since my last relationship with "her". It's kinda wasted when i think back but come think twice it's not that bad. Haha... Anyway, i hope she will find her true "guardian angel" and live happily ever after. (if we were still together, by now i should have at least 1 child. That so sweat!!)
    • - I lost a bunch of friends (well, so-called friends now). I had admit there is a lot of mistake that i had done. And for some people, it's something like unforgiven type. I don't want to seek forgiveness and i don't want to apologize as is useless. People say is better to "Become friend rather than become enemy". And some people say "Less one enemy mean add another friend". But in this situation, i don't mind to lose them.
    • - I got to know a bunch of friends. They are from Shout Out Box. Went down to Penang to meet them for BBQ Party on December. It's was quite fun & something to be remember. (Log in to for more detail)
    • - I had a new "bro" to be added to my list. Yes! He's Joey. Although I've been back here and seldom get to see him, we do talk a lot in MSN. Actually, is very hard to describe this Joey. He's kind of emo type "adult-kids" and a person with good responsible. So, i hope that our friendship will last forever :)
    • - I've been learning to control my temper and yes I did! But only a very very small percentage. ROFLMAO!
    • - I've tried all my favourite foods at my hometown. The "Chee Cheong Fun", the "Lai Fan Mee" & a lot more!!!
    • - Driving the ambulance around the place. Been doing a lot of charity doing transportation for those patient who can't walk.
    • - I tell myself at this moment that i'm gonna to go after "her". (A typical Sitiawan Girl) I knew her for 4-5 years. I don't know when did i start have feeling to her. It's just come naturally.
For all the things had happen is a past. I'm looking forward to continue my life. I won't forget the past as from past we learn to be grow up. Just don't step backward. Here is my wish for this coming new year!!
  • - The most important, I want to get a job as soon as possible and go back to my usual normal life in KL. I miss KL a lot !!! *sob sob* (This one is priority one!!)
  • - All the good things should come more than bad things!!!!
  • - Do a lot of funky stuff with all my friends back in KL.
  • - Go out vacation most probably out of this country.
  • - Earn more cash and spend more on my self-fashion.
  • - Get a new car. First Choice : Brand New Honda Civic Type R, Second Choice : Perodua MYVI.
  • - Get "her" to be my beloved one. (This one also priority one too!!!)
  • - etc etc etc etc etc......................
Last but not least!
Goodbye 2007 and Welcome 2008

New Year Song!

P/S: To all my friends and my blog reader, Happy New Year 2008 and May u been blessed!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A words deep inside my heart.......

Somehow this song stuck to my mind right now~

Tears From Polaris

Your Heart My Heart

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Penang Trip @ 16th Dec 2007

Finally~~~~~~ It's BBQ day ! Was looking forward for this gathering quite some times. It's was ShoutOut's Year End BBQ party at Golden Sand Beach. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good. It's rain just after when they about to start the fire. So, we have to come out with a back-up plan fast. Then, somehow someone come with the suggestion to go JJ's place at Air Itam and in the end we did it at his place due to the weather.

The Cake! ShoutOut is The Best!!

the BBQ StarT~

SaeWei, Elise, Lasker & Me

Angie-Milk-Bee & Me * XD*

Everyone is enjoying themself~

Siu Kai yEeekkkkk~
Behind (Me & Joey), Front (Wendy, JJ & Satkuru)

Posing & Camwhoring~ Me, Angeline, Daniel & Aaron

Putih-putih kena hantam by Angeline =.="

continue posing & camwhoring~
*Angeline, Wendy, Shea Speare, Joey, Me, Daniel & Aaron

**Daniel!! apa u sedang buat!??

suppose a cute take, but somehow
i can't think of anything & Daniel try to be Bruce Lee XD

Go ~ Go~ Go~ Cover Me~

The Family Photo!

And here a short funny animation that was done by Erlynda. It was so funny and nice and i had to put this here!!!

P/S: For those who had the BBQ photo, please send my email at (prefer to zip it either with winzip or RAR) or send thru MSN to me. Those who don't have my MSN, can be found at my detail at ShoutOut's Main Page

Monday, December 17, 2007

Penang Trip @ 15th Dec 2007

Hu Hu Hu~~~ I'm here to update my latest post~ . Last Saturday, I drive alone to Penang to join the ShoutOut's Year End BBQ Party. It's was a great trip as I get to know more of the Shouters from Penang and KL.

Reached penang and headed to Gurney's Plaza Redbox to meet with Angeline, SaeWei & Colleen. It's really freak me off when I first walked in because I don't know what should I say to them. It's was my first time meeting them so a bit "kekok" for me to start conversation. Therefore, I just went in and said hi then sit and took out my handphone to distract them. But, they were sooo niiiceeeee cos they started the conversation first. (Ladies First~~~~~~!!) After a while, Aaron, Wendy, Daniel & Firewire came. Then bout half hour later, JJ arrived. I found out the Penangian like to sing those song that normally people don't sing at Redbox. . But they are my first group that sang the most english song out of so many Redbox's gathering that I had went before. We have a camwhore session before left.

After the karaoke session, we went to jalan-jalan inside Gurney Plaza. We went to arcade to play games. So we played Daytona's Car Racing and I got the last placing... Then Wendy and JJ play the dancing games which need to use feet to step on the arrow. Then went to meeet back SaeWei, Colleen & Angeline at the snooker center and Vingie was there too.

Then went to have a drink at Secret Recipe. We chatted and did some "specially weird" camwhore session at there before left to New World Park to have our dinner. Wendy brought us to a nice indian restaurant called "Passions of Kerala". Although is a bit spicy but it's really worth it. (Supeeeeerrrr Cheeeaaapppppppppp). After dinner, we went to Old Town Kopitiam to met with Emily & Richard. Then Minny came with her sister, I-Min and friend. So we lepak there for bout 1 hours ++ and camwhoring as well..

Wendy went back home after a tiring day. The guys went back to at Sri Sayang ApartmentBatu Ferrangi. We all take bath except Firewire where he direct go and sleep. (smeelllyyyyyyy~~~~ ).

Taken From Angeline's Blog

Angeline, Colleen, Wendy, Saewei, Aaron, Firewire, Daniel, me & JJ

me & Wendy

Daytona Time!!!!!!

At Secret Recipe wearing Wendy's Sunglass~

** To Be Continueeee............

P/S: To those who have the bbq photo, please send me a copy to or by MSN. Msn Email could be found at my ShoutOut's Personal Detail :). Arigato Gozaimassss~

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Song of The Day

Here is some of the song to spice up ur life :)

Melodi by Lin Yu Zhong & Sheila Majid

One of Theme Song of Cloud & Wind 2 (2002)

One of Theme Song of Cloud & Wind 1 (2002)

Return of The Condor Hero 2006 MV

Return of The Condor Hero 2006 (Ending Theme Song)

Friday, October 19, 2007

October Blue 2007

I'm gonna make short and nice... *lol*
It's had been 1 week I didn't update anything in my blog...
Yeah, I was busying preparing and celebrating the celebration at my hometown... or "God of Nine Emperor Festival""九皇爺大帝" in chinese.
I'm sure this festival is quite common to all chinese especially in "Taoisme" religious. *I can be Buddhist or Taoismist at anytime depend on situation :P*
Lazy to take so many ledy as my brain had "jammed".
Gonna update new post next time.
Huattt aH ! Huattt ah ! Huatttt Ah !

Monday, October 08, 2007

An Awful Day

Last Saturday, Joey and Ah Wai met an accident. They were planning to come down my hometown to visit me and go jalan-jalan cari makan. *haha* It's was 3 something in the evening when I receive Joey's sms. I was so shocked to heard that and quickly reply his sms. It's was lucky that both of them doesn't suffer any serious injury. Joey only have a small little cut on his right kneecap while Ah Wai don't have any injury. Unfortunately, Ah Wai's car was badly "injured". So this is how the accident happen. They were coming out from NKVE Damansara Toll towards North-South Express Way. About 200m in front, there road is quite curvy before going out to the main road. It's like 360 turning road. Then there is a Metalic Brown Proton Saga Aeroback "parking" at the middle of the road and blocked 1½ of the road (It's a 2-lane road single way). Ah Wai was driving at the slow lane and when he saw the car, he quickly move to the other lane to avoid (he said don't have time to break but still manage to avoid and was driving 50km/h only) the car. Out of sudden, his car skidded and banged the other car. Both of them and the other drive get down and "bincang". Ah Wai was so pissed off that he wanted to scold the driver for stopping at the middle of the road some more facing the opposite direction. But after see the driver face (he look so blur that i think he don't even know what happening), he just keep himself cool down. Then the tow car come and the police as well. The other driver told the police that, his car skidded and went "merry-go-around" for a moment. After the collision, Ah Wai's car can't start. Therefore, need to be use tow car service. Both of them was issued summons. Although it's not Ah Wai's fault (very obviously is the another driver fault), but according to the police both of them got fault. So, both kena! (WTF! @#$%^&*)
Ah Wai's Car

Ah Wai's Car

The "sueh siao" fella who kena bang one punya car *lmao*
Ah Wai's car at workshop

The Proton Saga (Front)

The Proton Saga (Side)

The Proton Saga (Engine Side)

The Proton Saga (Tires)

*** This prove one thing...
MYVi is stronger and reliable !

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Specially For Delene

Today is Delene Jie Jie's Birthday....
I have promise to make a post for her...
Went to YouTube to find some nice birthday song...
In my mind, i have a song which i wan to put here...
Unfortunately, i forget the song name already... T.T
But, somehow this song come out in the search related video...

Nice ar!? lmao~

and also this....

Song Tittle : 祝你生日快乐 Singer : Jay Chou & Landy Wen

Before I forget, here i wanna wish Delene
Happy Sweet 16th Birthday

** Sorry for my soft sound. My housemate was sleeping,
I don't dare to sing out loud cos scare the might throwed with all the stuff... lmao...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Kenangan Terindah - Samsons

This was an Indonesia singer.
His name is Samsons.
I found out this song quite nice and relaxing plus the lyrics was so good.

Song Name : Kenangan Terindah Singer: Samsons

*** the MV coem with lyrics as well, so u can sing along :)

*** Cover Version (Guitar)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


It's been a frustrated morning....
i don't know what the heck going on, but this three words came out this 3 words "不孝顺"...
what the heck, if I'm such person i won't be staying in this house for so long...
What happen today!? Well, it's like this....
This morning my mother get a call from a auntie (cilakak mia orang tua) who phoned and scolded my mother. She claimed that my mother said something then the auntie feel so "boh song" ! (I don't care ! I'm gonna tell what happen even the auntie "might" read these). The auntie claimed to be a "feng sui poh" who can see future & fate (看象婆). So, both of them have a conversation about that. Then my mother said (generally, not accused the auntie) that people like them should do charity by help people out but don't expect an "angpow" (She didn't intend to say the old lady to be con woman ! If she aren't,. she shouldn't be that pissed off.). So, the auntie so "boh song" and phone her then scolded her for that. I was at home and I told my mother in future next time shouldn't talk so much especially this kind of thing cos many people quite sensitive. Well, apparently she get so pissed off with my words and terus scolded me for saying that. Some more say I help outside and accused her for "mulut banyak"! Come one la, I just say in future ignored this kind of people only. When they talk, u just listen and don't give any comment. Or just tell them u are not free when they start want to talk something like this. (auntie always 3 8 one... mouth non-stop) She didn't listen a single of my words and start shouted and cry~ walau-ehHH, seem like I'm the guilty person here! What's wrong wor !? I just hope in future no such case only nia (her mouth sometimes always non-stop. Sometimes her words indirectly make others boh song, and she never realise it!). Then other story come out. Say me the "three letter words as per topic", then say house's financially not that good until rice also no money to buy (wait a minute, she never tell it. If she tell it, i will go out and buy one), then blah blah blah.. Please don't compare me and my father. Even we have same DNA, but different personallity. I never drink till don't wan give house money ok! How bout the car!? I put out deposit Rm15,000 and the car was under your name one le! So, I get pissed off, ask her to cool down but she don't wan listen! I ran out with so angry and go out of this house. And go out buy the rice, drive back, put it at home and come out again.

The "three-letter-words" really break my heart... if I'm a "anak derhaka", I won't be at this home for so long, I won't be giving her money to buy the car, I won't be thinking of her all the time!
ArGhHhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!
What's sin have I done that make her split out those words from her mouth! God, Buddha or whatever "up" there, please spare me!! Else, take me along to there by your side. I don't mind to go hell ! I rather to be there then here being suffering so much! I love her, and I never said a bad thing about her. But, I've accused for being "不孝顺" !!!!!! This is a never forgetable day!!!!

- birthday wish -

Ho Ho Ho... it's over 12 ledy mean i'm late...
i was busying while Michelle msn"ing" me...
i was busy dota"ing", so paiseh la cos din reply u..
u know my still... if i reply slow in msn mean i either in games or afk...
ya girl, i still remember ur birthday, dun worry...
since i unable to give u a present (after 12 ledy ), so i'm gonna dedicate this post to u ya

knew this siao poh for more than 6-7 years ledy, always chat in msn whenever both of us on the line. And, the unique thing is, both of us never meet each other although we both in same hometown (my hometown not really big u know!). I guess both of us too busy to come out... roflmao~ ok la, i don't know what to write ledy. The more i write, the faster i will get beat...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!