Monday, October 08, 2007

An Awful Day

Last Saturday, Joey and Ah Wai met an accident. They were planning to come down my hometown to visit me and go jalan-jalan cari makan. *haha* It's was 3 something in the evening when I receive Joey's sms. I was so shocked to heard that and quickly reply his sms. It's was lucky that both of them doesn't suffer any serious injury. Joey only have a small little cut on his right kneecap while Ah Wai don't have any injury. Unfortunately, Ah Wai's car was badly "injured". So this is how the accident happen. They were coming out from NKVE Damansara Toll towards North-South Express Way. About 200m in front, there road is quite curvy before going out to the main road. It's like 360 turning road. Then there is a Metalic Brown Proton Saga Aeroback "parking" at the middle of the road and blocked 1½ of the road (It's a 2-lane road single way). Ah Wai was driving at the slow lane and when he saw the car, he quickly move to the other lane to avoid (he said don't have time to break but still manage to avoid and was driving 50km/h only) the car. Out of sudden, his car skidded and banged the other car. Both of them and the other drive get down and "bincang". Ah Wai was so pissed off that he wanted to scold the driver for stopping at the middle of the road some more facing the opposite direction. But after see the driver face (he look so blur that i think he don't even know what happening), he just keep himself cool down. Then the tow car come and the police as well. The other driver told the police that, his car skidded and went "merry-go-around" for a moment. After the collision, Ah Wai's car can't start. Therefore, need to be use tow car service. Both of them was issued summons. Although it's not Ah Wai's fault (very obviously is the another driver fault), but according to the police both of them got fault. So, both kena! (WTF! @#$%^&*)
Ah Wai's Car

Ah Wai's Car

The "sueh siao" fella who kena bang one punya car *lmao*
Ah Wai's car at workshop

The Proton Saga (Front)

The Proton Saga (Side)

The Proton Saga (Engine Side)

The Proton Saga (Tires)

*** This prove one thing...
MYVi is stronger and reliable !

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Anonymous said...

wai...u hav to learn from me lah...
im up/down hill king of genting okie...
i think u hav try my kelisa drifting rite?? lolzzzz

emily ting said...

hahaha~ like that also can?? myvi? lol~~

Ricky Tan said...

annonymous a.k.a hamtai : tat's not hill... tat's toll coming out from highway and not my car le...

emily: myvi is the best of all now :D

corsaro said...

you are lucky....theres no reinforcements beyond the bulk head of the Myvvi...if you remove the rear bumper you will be shocked...there is nothing there.

spend a bit more on tyres man...

take care...nice blog :P

Ricky Tan said...

Corsaro: yeah... thx dude :)