Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi

I just back to KL~ Been at hometown since last Friday for CNY 2009 holiday~
Before I forget, I wish all my reader, bloggers & my friend
a Happy Chinese Ox Year 2009 !!

Basically, there is nothing special this year. Like what I did past few year of CNY. Sleep & Hibernating during day time and become vampire during night time. Trying to "发财" every night till early morning and YET I still lost quite a lot. Zzzz.. Since like not my years again ! *I think every year also lost one.. Hahaha*

庆祝-My Astro大合唱

Saturday, January 03, 2009

SO Year End Gathering

Date : 19th Dec 2008
Venue : Andrew's House, Desa Park City

This was held few weeks ago. Well, recently there is too much workload, activity throughtout the Dec 2008 that I had no time to update my blog. LMAO !! In fact there is few more events / outing / activity I haven't blog bout it yet. Anyway, a quick breeze through of SOYEG 2008 !!

Family Picture !!
1st Row (Top) : William, David, Matt, Lasker, Alvin, Steven, Satkuru, SaeWei, Firewire, Nath
2nd Row (Sitting) : Karena, Poh Chu, Joanna
3rd Row (Sitting) : Me, Gynneth, Vivien, Chia Yen, Anna, Elise, Jane, Jessica, WaiSeng
Front Row : Aaron, Andrew & Daniel

Fun Post...

No idea what were trying to do or post...


Looking elsewhere Post....

A tokken of appreciation from our big boss Lasker (Most right) to the organizer
Thanks to Steven, Jessica, Andrew, SaeWei & Satkuru !!

Resting after tired camwhore...