Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Penang Trip @ 16th Dec 2007

Finally~~~~~~ It's BBQ day ! Was looking forward for this gathering quite some times. It's was ShoutOut's Year End BBQ party at Golden Sand Beach. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good. It's rain just after when they about to start the fire. So, we have to come out with a back-up plan fast. Then, somehow someone come with the suggestion to go JJ's place at Air Itam and in the end we did it at his place due to the weather.

The Cake! ShoutOut is The Best!!

the BBQ StarT~

SaeWei, Elise, Lasker & Me

Angie-Milk-Bee & Me * XD*

Everyone is enjoying themself~

Siu Kai yEeekkkkk~
Behind (Me & Joey), Front (Wendy, JJ & Satkuru)

Posing & Camwhoring~ Me, Angeline, Daniel & Aaron

Putih-putih kena hantam by Angeline =.="

continue posing & camwhoring~
*Angeline, Wendy, Shea Speare, Joey, Me, Daniel & Aaron

**Daniel!! apa u sedang buat!??

suppose a cute take, but somehow
i can't think of anything & Daniel try to be Bruce Lee XD

Go ~ Go~ Go~ Cover Me~

The Family Photo!

And here a short funny animation that was done by Erlynda. It was so funny and nice and i had to put this here!!!

P/S: For those who had the BBQ photo, please send my email at ahrick@gmail.com (prefer to zip it either with winzip or RAR) or send thru MSN to me. Those who don't have my MSN, can be found at my detail at ShoutOut's Main Page