Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 2010 Resolution !!

Here is my new year resoultions (not sure i shall post it or not)

  • Get myself a new car. Current car can categorized as junk ledy T_T
  • Get a new lappie for myself. It's hard to get online when I'm at home as using roomie's one.
  • Change a new phone. Perhaps either Iphone or Blueberry. Hope that my current company is promising one (this one a bit doubt). Increment of salary will be good !
  • Improve my badminton skill so that I can compete with above average or Intermediate level. Hope to participate some tournaments.
  • More saving more saving ! T_T
  • Less smoking (price increasing again! damnit) lmao!
  • To start plan my house buying plan. At least enough money by end of 2010 for deposit.
  • To change of my lifestyle from appearance to routine or anything. Trying to improve myself
  • If fate come, I don't mind to leave Single's Club ! ROFLMAO
  • Bought a DSLR for myself.
  • Start blog frequently !! hahahahaha

This is for 2010 for now. If there is anything come out of my mind, I shall revise it =D

Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010
Happy New Year !!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 gonna end....

Without realizing the time pass so fast, 2009 soon gonna reach the end and a new year is coming. There is so much thing happen in this pass 1 year. From sad to happy, low to high and some in other way. 3 days on countdown till a new beginning reaching. It's time to start thinking my coming new year resolution! =XD

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I would like to wish everyone

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year


Merry Christmas to you
Are you my snow man
我痴痴 痴痴的等
雪 一片一片一片一片
我的爱 因你而生
雪 一片一片一片一片
眼看春天 就要来了
而我也将 也将不再生存
Merry Christmas to you
Are you my snow man
我痴痴 痴痴的等
雪 一片一片一片一片
我的爱 因你而生
雪 一片一片一片一片
眼看春天 就要来了
而我也将 也将不再生存
雪 一片一片一片一片
我的爱 因你而生
雪 一片一片一片一片
眼看春天 就要来了

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Evan Yo 蔡旻佑 - 小乖乖 (Little Cutie)


而我的腦袋 跳針 停不下來

任性了起來 誇張 假裝離開


小乖乖 小乖乖 快過來 抱一個
我帶你 去體驗 電影裡的浪漫
一幕幕 提醒我 第一次的感動
這樣就夠了 我的

小乖乖 小乖乖 快過來 親一個
在回家 的路上 超幸福的期待
我陪你 看星星 預言精彩未來
一定可以的 乖乖

握住你的手 好像 特別自在


小乖乖 小乖乖 快過來 抱一個
我常常 在幻想 外星人的戀愛
像不像 你和我 很簡單很快樂
這樣就夠了 我的

小乖乖 小乖乖 快過來 親一個
我可以 送給你 一首一首的歌
認真了 就可以 變成幸福的人
一定可以的 我的

小乖乖 小乖乖 快過來 抱一個
我常常 在幻想 外星人的戀愛
像不像 你和我 很簡單很快樂
這樣就夠了 我的

小乖乖 小乖乖 快過來 親一個
我可以 送給你 一首一首的歌
認真了 就可以 變成幸福的人
更好的我們 乖乖

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Faces After Bonus

This is face expression after they get / don't get their bonus~

My Bonus?? Erm.. OK lahhh~

Mine one.. Ok also.. Not bad..

More than expected.. HAHA...

hmmm.... damnit !!

Feel like wanna shot my boss after see my bonus point !!

Mine more worse... Don't have at all.. Sad case...

Got my bonus payment... Going for watch shopping later on !










Waiting for bonus!!!











































































Monday, November 02, 2009

Novermber Rain

My 1st post of november...
Sorry for couldn't update much in my blog as I'm full with my workload...
Hopefully i could back to blog as soon as possible..
Till then, here a song from Gun N' Roses..

November Rain - Gun N' Roses

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain
We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain
But lovers always come and lovers always go
An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away
If we could take the time to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowin' that you were mine
All mine
So if you want to love me
then darlin' don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walkin'
In the cold November rain

Do you need some time...on your own
Do you need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone
I know it's hard to keep an open heart
When even friends seem out to harm you
But if you could heal a broken heart
Wouldn't time be out to charm you

Sometimes I need some time...on my
own Sometimes I need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone

And when your fears subside
And shadows still remain, ohhh yeahhh
I know that you can love me
When there's no one left to blame
So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even cold November rain

Don't ya think that you need somebody
Don't ya think that you need someone
Everybody needs somebody
You're not the only one
You're not the only one

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday went to play badminton with the fella gang at PJ...
After that, lepak at mamak until 2am..
Slept at 3.30 am...
Today wake up a bit late then my usual time...
Went out to client place to pass sample mock-up in the freaking hot afternoon...
Client show "bohsongness" face to me due to some misunderstand in quotation...
And now my brain is jammed...

Freaking tired!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Ghost Month

Today is the 3rd of the Ghost Month in Lunar Calendar...
Therefore, I wish everybody Happy Ghost Festival Month
and be more extra careful especially during night....
There is a lot of "pantang-larang" by the old people...
It's depend on you whether to believe or not...

The Taiwan people refer to the seventh lunar month as "Ghost Month," the first day of which is called the "Opening of the Gates of Hades" since it is believed that the gates of Hell are flung open on this day to allow the ghosts and spirits of the nether world into the world of the living for a month of bacchanal of food and wine. This earthly party comes to an end on the 30th day of the month, called the "Closing of the Gates of Hades" since the portals to the spirit world are shut once again on this day. On the 15th day of Ghost Month, many people stay at home to avoid an unlucky encounter with a ghost out enjoying the Ghost Festival; and special care is taken to avoid walking near riverbanks where a water spirit may easily steal the body of the living.

Opening of the Gates of Hades

According to legend, the gates of Hell are opened at the break of dawn on the first day of the seventh moon, letting the anguished souls in the world darkness return to earth to visit their descendants and enjoy the feasts prepared in their honor. Ghosts without families to return to wander aimlessly across the earth. To avoid being harassed by these outcasts, people offer sacrifices to the homeless ghosts as well as to their ancestors on this day.

When the gates of Hades are closed again, people make a ritual offering of food at the main entrance to their homes, lighting incense and burning paper money for their ancestors to use in the spirit world.

Closing of the Gates of Hades

It is said that on the final day of the seventh lunar month or the first day of the eighth month, the gates of Hades are closed, sealing the spirits back in darkness. At the appointed time of closing, a Taoist priest chants liturgies while holding a "seven-star sword" to let the ghosts know that it is time for them to return to the underworld. When the gates are shut, the priest cups his ears to avoid being deafened by the wail of the spirits lamenting their return to Hades.

For more detail on this, please visit wikipedia-Ghost Festival

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad Week.......

It's a bad bad week....

Case 1

Vin is an Account Manager (AM) in my company. He's a nice guy BUT there way he do things are quite messy. It's all start with a job of doing packaging box. I was his Account Executive (AE) who assist him servicing the account. Vin need to brief me everything include costing, quotation, and design that the client require. It's very important to give a correct creative brief to me and Shin, the designer so that it's match with the client require. Channel of communication is very important. Vin is quite messy and I think he don't even know what the client want. The briefing that he gave to the Shin and me are not detail enough. Shin don't even know how to do work cos she don't understand the concept design the client want. Vin is well-known in the company for this messy attitude on doing work and most of the designer doesn't like him. His work are quite rush & so-called urgent and he always provide insufficient & incorrect information. So, the design keep change and change. End up, Shin so fed up and complain to her senior and Production Manager. Things doesn't good when this incident been spread out and the management "lecture" Vin and me for this. Excuse me !! I just accept this job half-way and I don't even know what and how he deal with the client. Shin and the rest understand it was not my fault cos they know Vin well. Last 2 days, the senior design and production manager complain and "shoot" Vin. I don't know what their conversation is about. Right after that, Vin with a angry look walked up pack his thing and told his manager that he go out do meet client. Actually, I think he doesn't feel to stay anymore longer in the office. In the company, with such a lot of "political" issue, I had no choice to be more self-fish to protect myself. I've been telling Vin to be more careful and make sure everything follow procedure and the most important is to provide a very detail information on every job during briefing. If this effect me, I had no choice to lodge a complain to his manager. I hope he will be more "smart" in future.

Case 2

Yesterday, one of my Accout Manager, Jen had been terminated from the company. It's was order from headquater. She kinda like Vin. But her problem worst. Most of the job she pitch were lost. The manager try to hold and extend her service longer so that the company have time to hire new people. But, emailed was send to the manager to terminate her service in the company immediatelly. It's was a sad scenario as terminating an employee wasn't fun at all. The manager were "stunned" and doesn't know how to tell Jen. In the end, order is order and he had to tell Jen whether like or not. Supposingly, she should be terminated last month but the manager beg the headquater to extend the termination. She were terminated at 5pm and were requested to pack her stuff and leave the company. Hopefully, she will get a better job soon.

Case 3

Today were the last day for my Project Manager, Nicole in KL branch. She will be resume back her position in headquater at Singapore. Nicole treat everyone every nice and she seldom lost her temper. When I was first in this company, she thought me a lot of thing especially my job scope. Sometimes, if I did something wrong, she will tell me nicely in stead of bringing it out to the meeting or give a official email. Of cos, sometimes, an official email need to be done depend on situation. Besides, she is very friendly to everybody and always smile. According to my General Manager, Yen, she is very helpful in the company. If one day without her, the company will be chaos and messy. I'm sure I will be miss her and wish her the best in the future. (P/s: Anyway, I still can see her in Google Chat.. lol)

Beside, there is another bad news. One of the senior designer gonna to resign and leave the company end of this month. The company haven't hire any people to replace them and the workload start to coming. In coming next few months will be our peak season. *Sigh*

Random Case

Clans and political in office is very usual. It can't be avoid as we all are human being. I don't choose whom I should stand but on my own self. I want to do my work properly and I don't wish to be belong to the "trouble" clan. I know who are very capable people. Even though they might be one of the "hate" list, but if it a job to me then I will do. Please, to those trouble group people, if you're not capable enough don't complain and gossip too much. Do your own stuff and if not satisfied go complain to the GM or headquater. Don't fucking create chaos and problem. Fuck!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For somehow and unknown reason, I'm feeling blue today........
This morning I've been woke up by a dream...
Wasn't sure it's a nightmare or not...
But definitely is not a good one...
It's seem like a prophecy..
and it's telling me something...
Amazingly, I couldn't remember anything of my dream... *dengzzzz*

Recently, my daily routine including my sleeping time seem to "almost" back to normal...
Yeah, I started to sleep after 10pm and wake up at 7 am the next morning...
I no longer a "vampire" who sleep in the morning and stay awake in the middle of midnight...
Hahaha.... good thing I suppose...

Thing in office is as usual. Start to have some workload coming in for me. This morning there is a bit of "heat" during meeting. Arguing about the pricing and etc etc. Well, not my problem. So, I don't really bother. My GM asked me to design a greeting e-card for coming Hari Raya. We got a lot of designers in company, can't it be them to do it. My brain a bit slow nowadays due to less doing design. Don't know how to come out a design now. Anyway, browse through the website to seek some idea. Hopefully, I can come out with something. =.="

Almost lunch time and I feeling darn sleepy... Browsing thru facebook & blogs and awaiting 12.30pm!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows

After Harry Potter 6th Series The Half-Blood Prince, now I'm awaiting the 7th Series which is The Deathly Hollows. The book had been release since last year and it will be schedule to movie on next year Part 1 and 2011 Part 2. It will be last series of the Harry Potter series. For those who want to read all the series including the last series, can kindly click this link --> Harry Potter Series ( E-book)

For those who want to know more about Harry Potter including character detail, charm detail, etc etc can go to Harry Potter Wiki

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Promoting Gary Chaw Ge New Album - Supermarket

Gary Chaw Ge 曹格 2009 Album - Supermarket

01. 寂寞先生
02. 掌纹
03. Supermarket 超级市场
04. Happy Day
05. 爱转动
06. 借我一辈子
07. 咖哩热狗
08. 入戏
09. 宝贝
10. Happy Birthday To Me
11. 超级4th场之24hr不打烊情歌 (寂寞先生+掌纹+Supermarket 超级市场+ Happy Day+宝贝)

Tracks (Pinyin):-
01. jì mò xiān sheng
02. zhǎng wén
03. Supermarket chāo jí shì chǎng
04. Happy Day
05. ài zhuàn dòng
06. jiè wǒ yī bèi zi
07. gā lī rè gǒu
08. rù xì
09. bǎo bèi
10. Happy Birthday To Me
11. chāo jí 4th chǎng zhī 24hr bù dǎ yáng qíng gē (jì mò xiān sheng +zhǎng wén +Supermarket chāo jí shì chǎng + Happy Day+bǎo bèi)

Supermarket 超級市場MV

喔~爱 下午沙发上的电影院
幽默风趣 无限量供应
幸福快乐 满意在胸臆
想当一个比价的super market
幽默风趣 无限量供应
想当你一个人的super market
幸福快乐 满意在胸臆
很帅 很天才 给你美好的未来

掌纹 MV






寂寞先生 MV

你的笑容是恩惠 世界难得那么美
于是追 要你陪 可惜本能终会将美丽汗水化成泪水

黑夜之所以会黑 叫醒人心里的鬼
在游说 在萦回 在体内是什么 在把我摧毁在伤痕累累

我可以无所谓 寂寞却一直掉眼泪
人类除了擅长颓废 做什么都不对 Oh … I’m not okay
我假装无所谓 才看不到心被拧碎
人在爱情里越残废 就会越多安慰 无论(有)多虚伪

空虚并非是词汇 能够形容的魔鬼
它支配着行为 能摆脱寂寞我什么都肯给 就像个傀儡

Repeat ***

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

missing in action

ya i know....
i've been missing quite some times......
hope things back to usual soon...
till then.... adios....

Friday, April 24, 2009

blue blue blue.......

Hey~ back again~
hmmm, the whole week feeling kinda "blue"
Wasn't suppose just monday blue? =.="
Have no idea why from monday till friday is blue...

Anyway, today during lunch time, when having lunch with my colleagues, we discusss something very interesting. It's about my another colleague. (Let's call him Mr. X) Mr. X is an Assistant Project Engineer in my company. He's duty is to help my Project Engineer on document stuff, tender, quaotation and some other stuff. Well, he's kinda a bit weird fella. He always talked to himself and always "syok" sendiri. =.=" One of the incident was this.

(Mr. X came out from office)
Mr. X : hmm, that so good.
(Everyone pause)
Mr. X : Finally finished. Hehehe...
(Everyone look at each other)
Mr. X : What to do now? ( Looking at the ceiling)
Mr. X : I think I better... ah, nevermind...
(I was about to open my mouth and said something..)
Mr. X : is that so? hmmm... (rub own chin)

at this point, I got a bit beh tahan ledy~

Me : eh, Mr. X, who were u talking to?
Mr. X : eh, nothing la.. I was talking to myself
(Everyone scratch their head)
Me : what the... u got problem? why u talk to yourself one?
Mr. X : hehehe....
(Everyone laugh)

He's acted kinda freak us out. It's not the first time, but almost everyday. Besides, he's quite blur. When we asked about something, he will look at us with one kind of look (like he don't know anything). Then out of sudden he'll say he know. (The thing he just done within a day before). =.=" He'll keep ask the same thing a few times even though had been explained millions of time. The other thing which make me so frustrated was when he directed someone to our office location. He's a non-chinese educated. Which mean I assume he's English or Bahasa is good enough to communicate with others through phone but it was the other way round. He can direct the other person who wanna come to our office the other way. One words, he's don't have sense of direction even though the map is right if front of him! That so typical guys...

How could a guy like him can every survive in this society?

Monday, April 20, 2009


the weather so freaking hot !!

haloha... long time didn't update here...
anyway, just to report that I'm still alive...

So, anyone miss me? ( I guess the answer is no! =P )

Friday, March 20, 2009

another month had pass...

without realize, times fly away so fast...
it's almost end of march...
my emo-ness getting serious day by day...
i almost lost count how long it had pass...
going through the time...
which i had to face a lot of stress, problem & failure...
is ain't an easy thing...
but i will strive on...
even though the hope is small...
or even getting lesser by now...
i am who i am is...
you are who you are is...

李聖傑 - 靠近

走在人擠人的走道  我問了自己
但是我  不相信

坐在沒有人的角落  我又問自己
想看你 想躲你  難以決定

每當我想靠近  你總會裝冷靜
眼看你的表情  彷彿己經說明
我只想要證明  我們這段愛情
也許在你眼裡  它只是個遊戲

我只想要靠近  也很想要抱緊
回想到那過去  和現在新的你
我還想要參與  你的生活點滴
只要你肯相信  我一定會陪你走下去


每當我想靠近  你總會裝冷靜
眼看你的表情  彷彿己經說明
我只想要證明  我們這段愛情
也許在你眼裡  它只是個遊戲

我只想要靠近  也很想要抱緊
回想到那過去  和現在新的你
我還想要參與  你的生活點滴
只要你肯相信  我一定會陪你走下去

只要你再相信  我們會緊緊地  靠在一起

Thursday, March 05, 2009

this is what i wan to said...

is all inside this song..
each and every single words of this song lyrics..
is those i wan to tell you..

Song Title : 別說我的眼淚你無所謂

真的 想找个人来陪
为什么 你总让我憔悴

# 看我流泪 你头也不回
哭过了 泪干了 心变成灰
我想要的美 你还不想给
伤了的 我的心 怎去面对

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


without realize that is march already...
it's been a year then i had return to kl..
things going very decent for this whole year...
nothing much happening activity around...
every day the same routine...
sleep, work, eat and online...
of cos, occasionally went out gathering...
still with same old gang of friends...
and meeting some of new friends...
it's wasn't a good year...
but i still believe and looking things at the brighter side...
perhaps is my destiny to go through this...
for that, i wouldn't blame myself or anyone else...
hoping i will find my path...
hoping the sunshine will come soon...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

still waiting........

To her,

i'm still waiting...
day by day pass...
is been weeks since the last...
i almost lost count...
days i've been waiting...

just to let u know,
i'm still waiting...

等待着你 Deng Dài Zhe Ni (Original Thai Song translate and sing in mandarin)

你(nǐ) 看(kàn) 见(jiàn) 我(wǒ) 吗(ma)?
Do you see me?
我(wǒ) 望(wàng) 着(zhe) 你(nǐ) 的(de) 侧(cè) 影(yǐng)
My hope is just to see your profile.
你(nǐ) 可(kě) 看(kàn) 到(dào) 我(wǒ) 深(shēn) 情(qíng) 爱(ài) 着(zhe) 你(nǐ)
For you to see my love for you.

我(wǒ) 心(xīn) 中(zhōng) 呼(hū) 喊(hǎn)

My heart is shouting
我(wǒ) 最(zuì) 疼(téng) 惜(xī) 的(de) 名(míng) 字(zì)
the name of person I love most.
你(nǐ) 听(tīng) 到(dào) 我(wǒ) 心(xīn) 的(de) 呼(hū) 唤(huàn) 吗(ma)?
Do you hear the sound form my heart?

我(wǒ) 用(yòng) 心(xīn) 地(dì) 诉(sù) 说(shuō) 我(wǒ) 爱(ài) 你(nǐ)
I use my heart to say "I love you.",
清(qīng) 晰(xī) 地(dì) 说(shuō) 我(wǒ) 爱(ài) 你(nǐ)
use my understanding to tell "I love you"
聆(líng) 听(tīng) 你(nǐ) 那(nà) 无(wú) 声(shēng) 的(de) 侧(cè) 影(yǐng)
and listen respectfully to your slient profile,
感(gǎn) 受(shòu) 你(nǐ), 等(děng) 待(dài) 着(zhe) 你(nǐ)
feel you, waiting for you.

我(wǒ) 用(yòng) 心(xīn) 看(kàn) 你(nǐ) 唤(huàn) 你(nǐ)
I use my heart to watch you to turn yourself,
等(děng) 着(zhe) 你(nǐ) 的(de) 身(shēn) 影(yǐng) 向(xiàng) 我(wǒ) 走(zǒu) 来(lái)
waiting for you to walk towards me,
期(qī) 待(dài) 着(zhe) 有(yǒu) 一(yī) 天(tiān) 你(nǐ) 会(huì) 看(kàn) 到(dào) 我(wǒ)
for time bringing a day which you can see me.
我(wǒ) 用(yòng) 心(xīn) 看(kàn) 你(nǐ), 我(wǒ) 爱(ài) 你(nǐ)
I use my heart to see you, "I love you."

你(nǐ) 听(tīng) 见(jiàn) 我(wǒ) 吗(ma)?
Do you hear me?
看(kàn) 见(jiàn) 我(wǒ) 的(de) 存(cún) 在(zài) 吗(ma)?
Do you see me?
你(nǐ) 可(kě) 知(zhī) 道(dào) 我(wǒ) 深(shēn) 情(qíng) 等(děng) 你(nǐ) 爱(ài)
Do you know my love which is waiting to love you?

我(wǒ) 心(xīn) 中(zhōng) 渴(kě) 望(wàng)
My heart desires
专(zhuān) 注(zhù) 深(shēn) 情(qíng) 的(de) 双(shuāng) 眼(yǎn)
and absorbs in loveful eye
温(wēn) 暖(nuǎn) 我(wǒ) 寂(jì) 寞(mò) 冰(bīng) 冷(lěng) 心(xīn) 情(qíng)
which warm my cold and lonely heart.


p/s: good luck in your exam =)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Are Not Here....

dedicate to someone who i miss so much but yet get to see u...
dedication to someone who i love so much but yet to love me...
dedication to someone who is everything to me...


Thursday, February 19, 2009


I feel so EMPTY right now.........
i feel my mind empty
i feel my hand empty
i feel my pocket empty
i feel my heart empty
i feel my life empty

i wish to fill my mind with knowledge
i wish to fill my hand with touch
i wish to fill my hand with money
i wish to fill my heart with the one i love
i wish to fill my life with happiness

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day : Potluck Party

What did I do on last Valentine's? Here is what I did? Went to Joey's New House to have a potluck party organized by there housemates and him.

Joey, Michelle & Me

Kelvin, Estee, Michelle, Joey & Cody

Cody, Me, Sze Mei, Estee, Joey & Kelvin

Me, Kelvin & Michelle

Me, James, Michelle & Joey

Michelle kena a lot of creams and cake ledy that day.. Pity her!!! Hahaha

Lick~! Lick!~ Yummy!!!

the july baby~!! 11th, 5th and 3rd!!!

That's James! He's funny!!

Joey & Pam

Lastly, the lovely love bird housemate

An early birthday celebration for Cherrie.. Happy Birthday ya!!

Special thanks to : Estee for the photos!!

is so pain....

i feel the pain...
i feel the sorrow...
i feel the emoness...
i feel the burden...
but why it's has to be like that...
we always have choices...
only u can change all of this..
so, let it go...
open ur heart...
open ur eye...
and see beyond it...
there is another brighter future awaiting u...
i will share ur pain...
i will out-turn ur sorrow...
i will ease ur emoness
i will carry ur burden...
for you, I WILL....

Sunday, February 15, 2009


i'm so sorry...
sorry for couldn't spend a valentine with you...
sorry for threaten you a bit cold recently...
is not that i want to...
is just that, i feel i'm pushing u too much...
so, i'm giving u some space to "breath"...
i wan you to know that...
i'm still waiting for you...
i miss you...
i love you...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day today !! Times really pass so fast. A few weeks ago, it was Chinese New Year and now here u go Valentine's Day. Been outstation this few days. Went to Sabak Bernam for some works. Driving on and off KL- Sabak Bernam. Every day at least 200km driving. Is tired but have to bare with it. Anyhow, wishing someone I love, my dear reader, blogger and friends...

♥♥♥♥♥A Happy Valentine's Day ♥♥♥♥♥

Thursday, February 12, 2009

feeeling blues...

It's had been "blue-ish" in my life for the past few days...
My heart & mind were surrounded by the "blue-ish" emo feeling...
No matter is bout works or my life...
I can feel that my world is turning dark day by day...
As if like there is no more sunshine in my life...
What will happen to me if those day arrive...
Will I'll be high self-esteem like before...
Will I'll be optimistic like before...
Will I'll be laughing like before...
Or Will I'll be the same like before...
Nobody will know...
`Cos the future stay uncertain...
One day, deVince will disappear from his own world...
To nowhere that he himself don't even know where...

by deVince

p/s: No idea what I crap all this... I myself also don't understand what I'm writing...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

music is my soul....

殘酷月光 - 林宥嘉
作詞:向月娥 作曲:陳小霞

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

emo emo emo

feeling so bitter + sour right now...
but it's not the end of it...
and I shall work hard on it...
i'm waiting for you..................

Sunday, February 08, 2009

emoo + sick

been sick for few days and recently
being very emo for some reason...
hopefully this feeling ease soon...
People said "tomolo will be better"...
at this point, doesn't sure to believe it or not...
cos seem like my tomolo is worst than today and yesterday...
feeling miserable and don't know what to do...
so, i'm stuck at a dead-end right now...

...::: emo-side-of-me :::...


Friday, February 06, 2009

waiting for you.....

for what i had said
it's all come from deep of my heart
it's a beginning of an ending
i might not the one
but i will fight to be the one
the one that will love you will all my heart
there is no perfection among us
but i will be close to perfection
i wan to be with you when you are happy
i wan to be with you when you are sad
i wan to be with you when you are emo
i wan to be with you when you are tired
i wan to be with you when you in need of me
i never expect a return from you
but i will grab any chance even it's close to no
waiting for the day
the day which is the begining
begining of our fairy love drama in our life
no matter how long it is
i will waiting for you
waiting for you ......

...::: by panda :::...

with that, i shall end my post with this song

Waiting for you by 胡彥斌

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi

I just back to KL~ Been at hometown since last Friday for CNY 2009 holiday~
Before I forget, I wish all my reader, bloggers & my friend
a Happy Chinese Ox Year 2009 !!

Basically, there is nothing special this year. Like what I did past few year of CNY. Sleep & Hibernating during day time and become vampire during night time. Trying to "发财" every night till early morning and YET I still lost quite a lot. Zzzz.. Since like not my years again ! *I think every year also lost one.. Hahaha*

庆祝-My Astro大合唱

Saturday, January 03, 2009

SO Year End Gathering

Date : 19th Dec 2008
Venue : Andrew's House, Desa Park City

This was held few weeks ago. Well, recently there is too much workload, activity throughtout the Dec 2008 that I had no time to update my blog. LMAO !! In fact there is few more events / outing / activity I haven't blog bout it yet. Anyway, a quick breeze through of SOYEG 2008 !!

Family Picture !!
1st Row (Top) : William, David, Matt, Lasker, Alvin, Steven, Satkuru, SaeWei, Firewire, Nath
2nd Row (Sitting) : Karena, Poh Chu, Joanna
3rd Row (Sitting) : Me, Gynneth, Vivien, Chia Yen, Anna, Elise, Jane, Jessica, WaiSeng
Front Row : Aaron, Andrew & Daniel

Fun Post...

No idea what were trying to do or post...


Looking elsewhere Post....

A tokken of appreciation from our big boss Lasker (Most right) to the organizer
Thanks to Steven, Jessica, Andrew, SaeWei & Satkuru !!

Resting after tired camwhore...