Thursday, April 27, 2006

27 April 2006

Another boring day....

Sitting in front of computer and browse thru my friendster...

now only i realise there is many ppl i dont know...

perhaps is those who i randomly search and add... *sigh*

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

26 April 2006

...Currently at home
...Sitting in front of pc
...Check Mail
...Browse Friendster

the most important

...rushing artwork
...deadline tomolo morning *sigh*

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

25h April 2006

Back from office... today very tired and frustrated... Don't understand why a big company need to hire a multi-tasking worker~! XD I'm a Advertising & Promotion Assistant should do the design and installation thing.. but now end up have to do admin thing, account thing, design thing, etc etc.. like generel worker! Anyway, just wan to "fa si" here. Hope situation will change after few month *sigh*

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Redbox Karaoke...

Time : 22 April 2004
Venue: Redbox Sg. Wang

Went to karaoke with a bunch forumer.... They are hoongji, adwong, 7chai and Mei Siew.
Having nice time with them, especially when we teasing Mei Siew cos she just have her hair cut. ROFL n LOL~ Mei Siew is a good singer, have nice voice but can't sing high pitch song. SHe will ask to skip when the song sing half way.. XD Beside, bump with Roxy a.k.a ah yap just beside our room. He with her gf and celebrating his friend birthday.
me, adwong, hoongji

hoongji, me, 7chai and mei siew

A&W n Williams PJ Outing

Date : 20 April 2006
Venue : A&W Taman Jaja & William's Corner PJ

We went to A&W at Taman Jaya, PJ. Meet with devilkia, skysherly, guest18, smoochie, sonic, creap & french guy (LYN Forumer) . Guest18 fetch skysherly come to A&W, then guest18 bang a cat. Haha.. That's make skysherly dont dare to come down and cry when reach A&W. Then devilkia help "pull" her out from car. Then whole night topic was the cat and guest18. That's why we call him "cat-banger".

After that, we went to William's to meet another group of forumer which is 7chai, firewire, chong, Eithanius, aiyume and yott-chan. There we still continue the cat topic..
Poor the cat... *sigh* Anyway, thru out the outing, we just chat crap only, but still enjoy :)

First Pic : me in yellow circle.. aiyume hand shaky, make my face blur XD
Second Pic on left : firewire, chong, creap & 7chai, devilkia, sonic.
Third Pic on right : Aiyume, smoochie, yott-chan, skysherly

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Just get a new job as Assistant & Promotion Assistant in used car company at Setapak. Although the time is longer (9am-7pm) but it's quite near to my place. My department head, Jiun Chan was a nice person. She teach me alot about how to use the VSS, how to maintain web, etc etc which i nv learn before. Although i been hired to do design, but design was just a part of my job. I need to do the web maintainance, system maintainance, software maintainance, hardware maintainance all all those related to IT. Besides, i need to do admin stuff like prepare paperwork, document writing, develop photo, etc etc... Although i was shock that i need to do all kind of things, but it's better than i have no job *sigh* Hope i can"love" my job faster :P