Friday, April 24, 2009

blue blue blue.......

Hey~ back again~
hmmm, the whole week feeling kinda "blue"
Wasn't suppose just monday blue? =.="
Have no idea why from monday till friday is blue...

Anyway, today during lunch time, when having lunch with my colleagues, we discusss something very interesting. It's about my another colleague. (Let's call him Mr. X) Mr. X is an Assistant Project Engineer in my company. He's duty is to help my Project Engineer on document stuff, tender, quaotation and some other stuff. Well, he's kinda a bit weird fella. He always talked to himself and always "syok" sendiri. =.=" One of the incident was this.

(Mr. X came out from office)
Mr. X : hmm, that so good.
(Everyone pause)
Mr. X : Finally finished. Hehehe...
(Everyone look at each other)
Mr. X : What to do now? ( Looking at the ceiling)
Mr. X : I think I better... ah, nevermind...
(I was about to open my mouth and said something..)
Mr. X : is that so? hmmm... (rub own chin)

at this point, I got a bit beh tahan ledy~

Me : eh, Mr. X, who were u talking to?
Mr. X : eh, nothing la.. I was talking to myself
(Everyone scratch their head)
Me : what the... u got problem? why u talk to yourself one?
Mr. X : hehehe....
(Everyone laugh)

He's acted kinda freak us out. It's not the first time, but almost everyday. Besides, he's quite blur. When we asked about something, he will look at us with one kind of look (like he don't know anything). Then out of sudden he'll say he know. (The thing he just done within a day before). =.=" He'll keep ask the same thing a few times even though had been explained millions of time. The other thing which make me so frustrated was when he directed someone to our office location. He's a non-chinese educated. Which mean I assume he's English or Bahasa is good enough to communicate with others through phone but it was the other way round. He can direct the other person who wanna come to our office the other way. One words, he's don't have sense of direction even though the map is right if front of him! That so typical guys...

How could a guy like him can every survive in this society?

Monday, April 20, 2009


the weather so freaking hot !!

haloha... long time didn't update here...
anyway, just to report that I'm still alive...

So, anyone miss me? ( I guess the answer is no! =P )