Monday, December 31, 2007

So Long 2007 & Welcome to 2008

It's been a terrific year of 2007. A lot of bad things happen and of cos a little of good things happen. So, let reviews and list out all.....

    • - I've been "shaking my leg" for this past 1 years. I had try to find jobs but all was not my type.
    • - I've been "hibernating" for 1 years ++ at my hometown. And it's very boring here.
    • - My cash was so limited that i have to plan my "cash out". Although back here, the life style is quite low but i still have to careful.
    • - I had my car licences this year. Been busy with my works in KL last few years that i don't have time to get it.
    • - This is my first year celebrated Merdeka, Christmas & New Year at my - hometown. (and no fireworks!!!!! hmpH~)
    • - I had been singles for consecutive 2 years since my last relationship with "her". It's kinda wasted when i think back but come think twice it's not that bad. Haha... Anyway, i hope she will find her true "guardian angel" and live happily ever after. (if we were still together, by now i should have at least 1 child. That so sweat!!)
    • - I lost a bunch of friends (well, so-called friends now). I had admit there is a lot of mistake that i had done. And for some people, it's something like unforgiven type. I don't want to seek forgiveness and i don't want to apologize as is useless. People say is better to "Become friend rather than become enemy". And some people say "Less one enemy mean add another friend". But in this situation, i don't mind to lose them.
    • - I got to know a bunch of friends. They are from Shout Out Box. Went down to Penang to meet them for BBQ Party on December. It's was quite fun & something to be remember. (Log in to for more detail)
    • - I had a new "bro" to be added to my list. Yes! He's Joey. Although I've been back here and seldom get to see him, we do talk a lot in MSN. Actually, is very hard to describe this Joey. He's kind of emo type "adult-kids" and a person with good responsible. So, i hope that our friendship will last forever :)
    • - I've been learning to control my temper and yes I did! But only a very very small percentage. ROFLMAO!
    • - I've tried all my favourite foods at my hometown. The "Chee Cheong Fun", the "Lai Fan Mee" & a lot more!!!
    • - Driving the ambulance around the place. Been doing a lot of charity doing transportation for those patient who can't walk.
    • - I tell myself at this moment that i'm gonna to go after "her". (A typical Sitiawan Girl) I knew her for 4-5 years. I don't know when did i start have feeling to her. It's just come naturally.
For all the things had happen is a past. I'm looking forward to continue my life. I won't forget the past as from past we learn to be grow up. Just don't step backward. Here is my wish for this coming new year!!
  • - The most important, I want to get a job as soon as possible and go back to my usual normal life in KL. I miss KL a lot !!! *sob sob* (This one is priority one!!)
  • - All the good things should come more than bad things!!!!
  • - Do a lot of funky stuff with all my friends back in KL.
  • - Go out vacation most probably out of this country.
  • - Earn more cash and spend more on my self-fashion.
  • - Get a new car. First Choice : Brand New Honda Civic Type R, Second Choice : Perodua MYVI.
  • - Get "her" to be my beloved one. (This one also priority one too!!!)
  • - etc etc etc etc etc......................
Last but not least!
Goodbye 2007 and Welcome 2008

New Year Song!

P/S: To all my friends and my blog reader, Happy New Year 2008 and May u been blessed!

4 deVince:

Bell said...

You've had an eventful year! Here's hoping that 2008 will be even better! Happy New Year Devince!

Ricky Tan said...

thx bell ~ :)

emily ting said...

waa~ sitiawan girl?? which one?? me from sitiawan too~~

who who??

hehe.. btw.. thanks for dropping by my page.. and happy new year to u too~ and hope u can get ur sitiawan girl la...

hehe~ take care~

Ricky Tan said...

well, she might someone u know as both of u from same hometown.. wahaha... happy new year to u :)