Monday, December 17, 2007

Penang Trip @ 15th Dec 2007

Hu Hu Hu~~~ I'm here to update my latest post~ . Last Saturday, I drive alone to Penang to join the ShoutOut's Year End BBQ Party. It's was a great trip as I get to know more of the Shouters from Penang and KL.

Reached penang and headed to Gurney's Plaza Redbox to meet with Angeline, SaeWei & Colleen. It's really freak me off when I first walked in because I don't know what should I say to them. It's was my first time meeting them so a bit "kekok" for me to start conversation. Therefore, I just went in and said hi then sit and took out my handphone to distract them. But, they were sooo niiiceeeee cos they started the conversation first. (Ladies First~~~~~~!!) After a while, Aaron, Wendy, Daniel & Firewire came. Then bout half hour later, JJ arrived. I found out the Penangian like to sing those song that normally people don't sing at Redbox. . But they are my first group that sang the most english song out of so many Redbox's gathering that I had went before. We have a camwhore session before left.

After the karaoke session, we went to jalan-jalan inside Gurney Plaza. We went to arcade to play games. So we played Daytona's Car Racing and I got the last placing... Then Wendy and JJ play the dancing games which need to use feet to step on the arrow. Then went to meeet back SaeWei, Colleen & Angeline at the snooker center and Vingie was there too.

Then went to have a drink at Secret Recipe. We chatted and did some "specially weird" camwhore session at there before left to New World Park to have our dinner. Wendy brought us to a nice indian restaurant called "Passions of Kerala". Although is a bit spicy but it's really worth it. (Supeeeeerrrr Cheeeaaapppppppppp). After dinner, we went to Old Town Kopitiam to met with Emily & Richard. Then Minny came with her sister, I-Min and friend. So we lepak there for bout 1 hours ++ and camwhoring as well..

Wendy went back home after a tiring day. The guys went back to at Sri Sayang ApartmentBatu Ferrangi. We all take bath except Firewire where he direct go and sleep. (smeelllyyyyyyy~~~~ ).

Taken From Angeline's Blog

Angeline, Colleen, Wendy, Saewei, Aaron, Firewire, Daniel, me & JJ

me & Wendy

Daytona Time!!!!!!

At Secret Recipe wearing Wendy's Sunglass~

** To Be Continueeee............

P/S: To those who have the bbq photo, please send me a copy to or by MSN. Msn Email could be found at my ShoutOut's Personal Detail :). Arigato Gozaimassss~

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