Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 2010 Resolution !!

Here is my new year resoultions (not sure i shall post it or not)

  • Get myself a new car. Current car can categorized as junk ledy T_T
  • Get a new lappie for myself. It's hard to get online when I'm at home as using roomie's one.
  • Change a new phone. Perhaps either Iphone or Blueberry. Hope that my current company is promising one (this one a bit doubt). Increment of salary will be good !
  • Improve my badminton skill so that I can compete with above average or Intermediate level. Hope to participate some tournaments.
  • More saving more saving ! T_T
  • Less smoking (price increasing again! damnit) lmao!
  • To start plan my house buying plan. At least enough money by end of 2010 for deposit.
  • To change of my lifestyle from appearance to routine or anything. Trying to improve myself
  • If fate come, I don't mind to leave Single's Club ! ROFLMAO
  • Bought a DSLR for myself.
  • Start blog frequently !! hahahahaha

This is for 2010 for now. If there is anything come out of my mind, I shall revise it =D

Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010
Happy New Year !!!

2 deVince:

Anonymous said...

car nonit change if it could still bring you to places... save for house instead :D

wat less smoking? quit smoking straight away la...

woot.. u also wan DLSR? XD welcome welcome

and.. Happy New Year

Ricky Tan said...

my current car like shit, problems a lot.. :P

quit smoking need time, unless got big motivater :P

everyone got dslr, so i macam kinda left out without dslr.. :P

happy new year to you too