Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad Week.......

It's a bad bad week....

Case 1

Vin is an Account Manager (AM) in my company. He's a nice guy BUT there way he do things are quite messy. It's all start with a job of doing packaging box. I was his Account Executive (AE) who assist him servicing the account. Vin need to brief me everything include costing, quotation, and design that the client require. It's very important to give a correct creative brief to me and Shin, the designer so that it's match with the client require. Channel of communication is very important. Vin is quite messy and I think he don't even know what the client want. The briefing that he gave to the Shin and me are not detail enough. Shin don't even know how to do work cos she don't understand the concept design the client want. Vin is well-known in the company for this messy attitude on doing work and most of the designer doesn't like him. His work are quite rush & so-called urgent and he always provide insufficient & incorrect information. So, the design keep change and change. End up, Shin so fed up and complain to her senior and Production Manager. Things doesn't good when this incident been spread out and the management "lecture" Vin and me for this. Excuse me !! I just accept this job half-way and I don't even know what and how he deal with the client. Shin and the rest understand it was not my fault cos they know Vin well. Last 2 days, the senior design and production manager complain and "shoot" Vin. I don't know what their conversation is about. Right after that, Vin with a angry look walked up pack his thing and told his manager that he go out do meet client. Actually, I think he doesn't feel to stay anymore longer in the office. In the company, with such a lot of "political" issue, I had no choice to be more self-fish to protect myself. I've been telling Vin to be more careful and make sure everything follow procedure and the most important is to provide a very detail information on every job during briefing. If this effect me, I had no choice to lodge a complain to his manager. I hope he will be more "smart" in future.

Case 2

Yesterday, one of my Accout Manager, Jen had been terminated from the company. It's was order from headquater. She kinda like Vin. But her problem worst. Most of the job she pitch were lost. The manager try to hold and extend her service longer so that the company have time to hire new people. But, emailed was send to the manager to terminate her service in the company immediatelly. It's was a sad scenario as terminating an employee wasn't fun at all. The manager were "stunned" and doesn't know how to tell Jen. In the end, order is order and he had to tell Jen whether like or not. Supposingly, she should be terminated last month but the manager beg the headquater to extend the termination. She were terminated at 5pm and were requested to pack her stuff and leave the company. Hopefully, she will get a better job soon.

Case 3

Today were the last day for my Project Manager, Nicole in KL branch. She will be resume back her position in headquater at Singapore. Nicole treat everyone every nice and she seldom lost her temper. When I was first in this company, she thought me a lot of thing especially my job scope. Sometimes, if I did something wrong, she will tell me nicely in stead of bringing it out to the meeting or give a official email. Of cos, sometimes, an official email need to be done depend on situation. Besides, she is very friendly to everybody and always smile. According to my General Manager, Yen, she is very helpful in the company. If one day without her, the company will be chaos and messy. I'm sure I will be miss her and wish her the best in the future. (P/s: Anyway, I still can see her in Google Chat.. lol)

Beside, there is another bad news. One of the senior designer gonna to resign and leave the company end of this month. The company haven't hire any people to replace them and the workload start to coming. In coming next few months will be our peak season. *Sigh*

Random Case

Clans and political in office is very usual. It can't be avoid as we all are human being. I don't choose whom I should stand but on my own self. I want to do my work properly and I don't wish to be belong to the "trouble" clan. I know who are very capable people. Even though they might be one of the "hate" list, but if it a job to me then I will do. Please, to those trouble group people, if you're not capable enough don't complain and gossip too much. Do your own stuff and if not satisfied go complain to the GM or headquater. Don't fucking create chaos and problem. Fuck!

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