Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day : Potluck Party

What did I do on last Valentine's? Here is what I did? Went to Joey's New House to have a potluck party organized by there housemates and him.

Joey, Michelle & Me

Kelvin, Estee, Michelle, Joey & Cody

Cody, Me, Sze Mei, Estee, Joey & Kelvin

Me, Kelvin & Michelle

Me, James, Michelle & Joey

Michelle kena a lot of creams and cake ledy that day.. Pity her!!! Hahaha

Lick~! Lick!~ Yummy!!!

the july baby~!! 11th, 5th and 3rd!!!

That's James! He's funny!!

Joey & Pam

Lastly, the lovely love bird housemate

An early birthday celebration for Cherrie.. Happy Birthday ya!!

Special thanks to : Estee for the photos!!

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