Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pavilion Short Shopping

Last week Saturday, Vivi from Penang came down to KL. We have a small gathering for her at night and the next morning before she depart back to Penang. At the Saturday afternoon there is no plan. Therefore I decided to go to Bebee place and have a small lunch with the group at Centerpoint. We went to Centerpoint, Bandar Utama meet up with Joey, then have our dinner there at Straits Corner. Then, we went to Pavilion because Vivi and Bebee need to buy something. It was kinda rush as I need to went back to Bandar Utama to meet up with Joey for Estee Birthday Bash.. Anyway, not much photo was taken and I took it during at Pavilion.

The Quicksilver Shop at Pavilion, KL

See how many people inside. There have 50% sales and only those with invitation card can enter. Ah Wai have only 1 invitation card but only can bring 2 more friends. So, a few of them need to "smuggle" in. LMAO

The people just keep in and out >.<"

Lee, snapping photo...

Cyrex yawning... must be not enough sleep =XD


Christina.. She look sweet in this photo... =)

Ah Wai & Lee planning how to "smuggle" inside....

Ah Wai and me stayed bout half hour only at Pavilion, then we headed back to Bandar Utama to join Joey for the birthday plan.

*** Next coming post is Estee's Birthday Bash. Stay tunned!!!

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