Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Estee's Birthday Bash~~~~

Last Saturday (29th Nov 2008), Joey planned a birthday bash for Estee. Her friend, Sze Mei, have to bring her out of the house at 7pm while we all meet at Estee's house right after she left. Eventually, the planned went well at begining until where Sze Mei suppose to bring Estee back 45 mins after they left. End up, both of them reached at 9pm. Her mother told us to eat first while waiting both of them back. FYI, all the food was cooked by her mother and Estee made dumpling. She didn't even know all the foods were for her because her mother told her there will be guest that night. *LMAO*

While waiting for Estee & Sze Mei to come back and the ice-cream cake was melting XD XD

The moment had come. Everybody hiding behind the door and awaiting Estee to open the door.

Look !! She still in STUN MODE!!!! *haha*

The ice-cream cake sponsor by Kelvin & Ting Ting.

This tiramisu cake was bought by Estee herself. She never thought we will give her a birthday bash surprise. So, she bought herself a cake. >.<"

Look how happy is her.. =)

Then, we have to sing Birthday song twice.

Makan"ing" dumpling that she make herself one.....

This was her birthday present by Joey. =XD

Camwhore time!! Rocky, Ting Ting & Estee...

Rocky, Ricky & Estee...

We have a lot of fun & laughter that night. Besides, her mother keep "encouraging" us to drink the wine liquor. >.<"""" So, we finished 4 bottle of red wine, 1 bottle of white wine, 1 champagne and 1 bottle of Black Label. =XD =XD

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