Monday, December 15, 2008

Breakfast Gathering @ McDonald

At my previous post, I mentioned about Vivi coming down to Kl. Here is the photo that I took from LK. It was at Mc Donald, Pudu. A few of us manage to turn out even thought most of us didn't have a good sleep or should I said haven't sleep YET.

It was 5am in the morning, we still lepak at Bebee's place. A few of us just back from yumcha while Eklern just back from his event.

Someone is giving speech~ =XD =XD

Ah Wai & Vivi : The guardian & The Princess of KBOX~

What were KC looking at? Pretty girls? I thought we "pao" the whole Mc Donald.

Bebee & Vivi. One thing in common, both of them like rabbit very much.

The girls...
Top : Bebee, Jasmin, Vivi
Sitting : Stella & Keiko

The buaya clans.......
Top : Clinston
Sitting : Naoty, Stella & Keiko

Ho ho ho~ ah po~~~~

Classical photoshop.... Naoty & Stella

Cantonese people said, See bloooooooooooods~~~~~~

The poser Cyrex~~~~~

That was one blur look.. Naoty

After that, we accompany Vivi to bus station. Before left, she gave us each and everyone a hug and finally I got a hug that she own me. (She didn't give me a hug the last time we met)
Anyway, gonna miss you and hope to have you around in future.

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vivi said...

owh...sweet sweet panda~

Ricky Tan said...

teehee... vivi~~~~~