Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Shouterz Gathering @ Daphne's House

Last Saturday went to "invade" Daphne's house for a small party. Those who are attendance were Daniel, David, Jane, Hugo, Wendy, Nath, Wen, Firewire, SaeWei & Me. Daphne's cooked fusili with her special home-made sauce and I name it as "The dafuni sauce". *lol* Besides, we have sandwiches, crystall mooncakes, barley, mata kucing & ais krim. it's delicious as i haven't try home-made cook for long long long time. >.<" So, I have to thanks Daphne for that.

Daphne & Jane *LLP's kisssss*

Daphne & Nath *weird post* =XD

The Guys on Daphne's bed... *lol*

*To be continue.................

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Hugo Lim said...

omg the last pic!!! omg omg omg.. this has gone overboard..... how can you go on bed without me on it!! buahahhaa