Sunday, September 07, 2008

Carls Jr Outing @ LNT

Another Late Nite Thread @ LYN Gathering.
This time we go for Carls Jr. at 1 Utama, Pj.
As usual the almost same gang appear but it's doesn't matter.
The important is the bond & fate we have that everyone become so close.

Apparently, I reached quite early and was siting alone there. It was so "quiet" at the begining cos there is no one sitting inside beside me. *spoooooooky* Then slowly the gang appear. and Ah Wai & Valen came then followed by Sherly & Sonic. Yew & his gf reached last cos they were stucked in a heavy traffic jam. *Next time come out early else gonna stucked u with the salt!* As the gang showed up, the restaurant started to crowded with people. *What the heck?? Magnectic influencee??*

Yew & His gf........

Ah Wai, Valen & Sherly

Sonic our LNT President

Ni mau apa??? Emo keh? :P

Alright!! Food time. Tunggu apa lagi!? Go Go Go...!!
Was so hungry till have death and have to ordered even though Yew & his girlfriend haven't reached. So went to the counter and look around. It's my first time, so not sure what to order. I see the menu and mostly is beef only. *I can't take beef* So, I asked the waiter what are the burger that is non-beef. Apparently he told me all are served either with beef or chicken. That's mean whatever I ordered I can change it to chicken instead of beef. Decided to order the Double Bacoon Cheese Burger Combo & Breast Chicken Stick. It's look nice though. When my food served, I open the wrapper and found out inside was beef, not the chicken that I want. >.<" *apa ni thought I order chicken for it* I went to the counter and complained. Without a thought, they changed it for me. *Ok la.. good service also..cooling down* Then Ah Wai burst out this.

Ah Wai : Do you realise ar?? The people around all food served but haven't eat..
Me : Har??? *Look around*
Sonic : ehhhh...... what the.......
Ah Wai : Hahaha.....
Me : *Confused and blur*
Sonic: * No feel punya look*
Ah Wai : Belum buka puasa mahhhhh!
Me : Oh ya hor... puasa month~ What is the time now?? almost 7pm?
Sonic : Look at the watch
Ah Wai : Almost ledy~~~~~~
Me: Let's started makan and tempting them!! =XD

Waiting for the food to be send to us by the waiter.

For real, I don't get what does it mean....

The Double Bacoon Cheese Burger & Breast Chicken Stick....

Crispy Chicken Burger vs Double Bacon Cheese Burger

inside previewwwwwwww........................

Fries.. So-called "natural-cut Fries"

So after bout 3 hours there, we decided to walk around the shopping complex as the time is still early. When bout 10pm something, we leave the 1U and headed to Sri Rampai, Setapak for our second round yumcha..... The gathering ended bout 2am something and everyone dismiss after the yum cha. As for me, went to somewhere else for a surprise birthday bash :P

Before end post, last picture dulU!!!

Whenever girls went to the ladies, it's always take years...!!!!!

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