Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday 3rd August 2008

Today wake up at 10am ++ although I sleep at 6am in the morning cos going out to meet Joey. Arrive at Joey's place at 12pm++ then we went straight to Jaya 1. I tagging Joey to go Malaysia Festival of Minds 2008 at UTAR, PJ. After registration, we went to find foods since there is bout an hour time before the seminar start. We went to a nice cafe called Tappers Cafe. The food is nice and even cheaper than those around there.

Welcome to Tappers Cafe!!

The Smoking / Outdoor Area

The Menu~

Close UP~~~

The Menu look "so so" only :P

After the lunch, we head back to UTAR, PJ for the seminar. First session was "Discovering the Frontiers of the Mind" by Dr. Clement Fernandez. It about Alpha Thinking or Positive Thinking. Mainly, it's about how we control our mind and think more positively in every decision, dream or goal that we want. At the final session, we have a experiment where they teached us how to make our finger longer in 3 minutes and amazing it did become longer but just few second then turn back to normal. Then we headed to second seminar entittle "Unleash The Genius within" by Mr. Tony Buzan. This seminar is bout mind mapping on how our powerful mind can be useful to memorize anything that we want using mind-mapping skill. I had learned how to memorize the plaet in our solar system using this mind-mapping skill. (Previously memang i dunno >.<")

Tony Buzan

The people who attended the seminar given by Tony Buzan.

Another View

See the side wall. There is so much people till no place to sit. Some of the sit on the floor at the front there...

Here is the goodies bag..

Afterward, Joey and I went to Jelutong at Damansara Jaya to have some drinks before we headed back to our home. On my way back, I decided to go have my hair cut. Went back to the previous saloon that i have my haircut at Cheras and look for the same girl cut for me last time.

So, here is the results....

It's not new hair style. Same like previous and only thing different is the back and side i make it shorter than previous time.

Besides, I bought a syampoo from them too.

It's for hair loss prevention, oily scal and fine hair :)

Oh.. ya!! before i forget~
I wish to take the opportunity to wish Daniel Chew
Happy Happy BirrrthhhhhdaaaaaaaaaY!!! :P - Daniel

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