Friday, August 22, 2008

Petrol Price Decrease @ 23-08-2008

Received this sms from a friend.....

Fuel Price will go down

Start 23 Aug 2008
Ron 97 = RM2.55
Ron 92 = RKM2.40
Diesel = Rm2.50

I thought it was some kind of jokes or prank till this my friend told me that they just announced it in radio. Well at least, the burden slight decrease a bit even not much. Anyway, today I'm going back hometown after the dinner with my colleague at Maluri, Kepong. Will be driving and guess it will be very late when i reach tonight.

Source: The Star

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Anonymous said...

yea...fuel price go down liao.. happie happie..

Ricky Tan said...

yupz.. at least our burden less a bit.. even though it still costly *lol*