Thursday, September 20, 2007

Champion League : Sporting Lisbon VS Manchester United

Date : 20 September
Time : 2.30 am
Venue : Restoran Gulam Rasul (New)

This morning went to watch football alone at mamak stall. It's was champion league qualifying round. The match betweenn Sporting Lisbon & Manchester United (Hail to Man UtD!!! ).

Stats :
Score : Sporting Lisbon (0) - Manchester United (1)
Goal Scorer : Christiano Ronaldo (Man Utd) 62`
Shots: Sporting Lisbon (16) - Manchester United (8)
On Target : Sporting Lisbon (8) - Manchester United (4)
Fouls : Sporting Lisbon (10) - Manchester United (9)
Corner : Sporting Lisbon (3) - Manchester United (5)
Offsite : Sporing Lisbon (2) - Manchester United (1)
Time Of Possession : Sporting Lisbon (49%) - Manchester United (51%)
Yellow Card : Sporting Lisbon (1) - Manchester United (2)
Red Card : None
Saves : Sporting Lisbon (3) - Manchester United (8)

This match was not that excited as i thought before. From the begining, Sporting Lisbon was pushing so hard. They intercepted each and every pass made by Manchester United. Beside, their movement and attack was so fast. By the way, i'm not going to comment the whole match . If u want to see comment (if u miss the match), kindly click here --> Report.

Edwin Van der Sar was the best in the whole match. He had made 8 good save. If Manchester United without him, sure goal been break already. At the defending line, Narmenja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand had done a good job . Even, i can see Vidic been knocked on head for few times in order to clear the ball away. Wes Brown had give a beautiful crossed where Christiano Ronaldo managed to find an open space and give a nice finishing touch. But for Patrice Evra, i don't really confident with him . I think that he should be playing more in defensive rather than offensive.

Michael Carrick doesn't show anything in that match. I can see him he is lack of concentration. Most of the time, he had been backup by others teammates. He's more to defensive mid fielding. Paul Scholes & Ryan Giggs been consistent but i expect goals from both of this veteran . Luis Nani was the biggest disppointed player that i felt in the whole match . I can see he is too self-fish at most of the time. He had waste a few opportunity that probably others teammates had better chance to score but he try to score from a narrow angle. Christiano Ronaldo was in a great shape . Despite been guard so hard, he managed to find a space and scored an opening and only goal in the match at the minutes of 62 . Wayne Rooney played alone at the upfront. He had just recovery and not in 100% fitness but he still give a good fight and ran a lot in the field . He had shot a few but was wasted.

A few substitutions was made. Luis Saha for Wayne Rooney, Oliveira Anderson for Ryan Giggs and Carlos Trevez for Christiano Ronaldo. Sporting Lisbon have the speed, pace, agility, great passing, attacking and counter attack. Even there are a few shot was so near and dangerous. As for Manchester United, I do hope at the next coming game, they would give a better game and of cos more scores!

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lilxcute said...

I hope Man U LOSE!!!

Ricky Tan said...

ish... u mana side one~

lilxcute said...

Lol I'm on noone's side
I'm just on the Anti Side =D

Ricky Tan said...

man utd gonna win one~ :P