Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 Way To Avoid Ghost in Hotel

Someone forward to my mail and i was thinking might help to people who do believe it

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Translataion :

Japan (1st Pic From Top Left)
it's rumored that every night, 'someone' accompanies you to watch tv

a tourist was tricked by a ghost, causing him to fall off the building

Vancouver, Canada
there is always someone knocking on your door during the evening, but no one shows up
10 Way To Avoid Ghost In Hotel
Before entering a building, please knock the door or press the doorbell, "saying i'm coming in" in the native language of the country is better.

During the first time of entering the room, enter sideways. if there is anything "dirty", it can leave before you enter the room.

Leave a pair of slippers near the door, one facing the front, one facing the back. If you do this, the spirits might follow the direction of the slippers and leave the room.

Leave a cup of water or salt near your bedside to get rid of "dirt".

Flush the toilet before first usage to clean it.

If there is a holy bible in the room, do not move it or flip it closed.

Refrain from wearing red or black clothes, wear yellow instead.

When you're sleeping, don't close the bathroom lights and leave the door closed.

Do not face the big mirror when sleeping

Leave your shoes in a mess when you're sleeping, do not place them in order. instead, place them in a mess.
    *** Translation courtesy of Ya Hui. Thanks Ya

    2 deVince:

    Bell said...

    It's very interesting... How does leaving your shoes in a mess or wearing yellow prevent ghosts? Do they explain the reasoning behind these theories? I'd be interested to know.

    Ricky Tan said...

    din explain in very detail....
    for wearing yellow, i guess is they scare the color... cos normally when we watch movie or drama, the "fu" or chamz the normally use is yellow color. right? why put the shoe in messy, so that the ghost dont know which direction to follow.. roflmao... Read the point no. 3...