Saturday, September 08, 2007

blah blah black sheep of the day

Someone and somebody complaining my blog very boring. All pic without wordings. Therefore, i'm gonna blog out what is their so call style of blog. Wahaha.

To begin it, i woke up yesterday bout 2pm. (Yesterday yum cha with kelvin till 5am and 6 am only i fall asleep ) Then brush my teeth and take bath (A must whenever i wake up), then start my housemate's pc to online. Looking thru the Kokorobox Forum and spamming at my Shoutout Box. It's was kinda boring as there is no people inside the forum and i just simply click any topic. (even it's not my type of thread) Then went to "peep" some others friend's blog to see anything interesting or not. And of cos, left some of my "mark" in their comment and chatbox. LOL

Then went over to Desa Petaling to fetch Cody at 6 something. It's kinda jam and took me bout 45 minutes to reach. I was so smart following the Melaka Highway signboard and it's lead me to Smart Tunnel which i had to pay RM2 for that. Reach Cody's place and yum cha while waiting him to meet him. I had a Teh O Ais & Ayam Pattaya (It's something like burger ayam special without the bun) and it's taste nice. Then we went over to visit Janice. She fell down while doing stun (i think is flip turn jump or flip reverse jump or something like this, forget what the stun :P ) and injured her leg. End up she got a fracture on her left lower leg and left lower ankle. Now, she had to use "tongkat" to walk. Sighzzz.. Pity her. Hope she get well soon.
(at 1st in msn, she told me that she jump and the whole ice skater come out. That's why she fall down. Then when go visited her times, she claim she didn't say it. I dunno.. maybe i really mis-see the message in msn...

We stay till 9pm something then we head off to damansara to find Joey for yum cha. We went to Restaurant Original Kayu at Dataran Prima for dinner. (ya.. 10pm only have dinner..... ) then went back to Joey's Apartment for 2nd yum cha session cos the restaurant was so noisy.

Bout 12am something, Cody and me head off back to Desa Petaling to send him back home. Cody teached me the way to back my place and i take the wrong turning. I came across a toll ( can't remember what toll is that) and it's lead me to Jalan Tun Razak. Luckily i still manage to get back home without getting sesak so long

I reached my place at 1.15am, and i have wonder the place for few times just to look for parking. In the end, parked somewhere quite far from my condo. (Government should make more parking space.. of cos must be FOC.. Haha). Then when reached the lift at my condo, i have to wait 30 minutes for other people so that i can follow behind and go thru cos the door lead to lift need card access. (i dun have yet cos i dont stay kl permanently for the time being).

Once i reach home, open pc again to report. Haha....

By the way, before i end here for now, i want to wish Joanne a Happy Belated Birthday (How the heck i forget to wish her.. such a stupid of me) and i promise will celebrate with u this coming sunday.

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