Monday, January 04, 2010

3rd January 2010

Yesterday was one whole fun day~ Meet up with Evie, Ah Wai, Daniel, Aaron, Jane & David. Jane and Evie were on house hunting in the morning. I think the PJ group is getting bigger and bigger. *when will I move to PJ as well??*

The gang meet-up at TGIF, The Curve for some drinks. We had a good chats among ourself. Random topics. But the main thing we are teasing Daniel and his "wife", Chia Yen a.k.a. pp. She was at Cameroon Highland with her relatives. *No wonder Daniel show up* =D Then David arrived later. So, from Daniel we shifted target to David. His got quite a number of story. The best will be the story of "My hand is so cold, your are are so warm". Wahahahha....

Then, we moved to Lekar-Lekar to enjoy ice-cream and continue David's Story. The Ice-cream there were so nice. I tried the Carribean Mix (Mixtual of tropical fuity) & Apple flavour.

After sitting there for an hours, we move on to cinema and bought tickets for CIRQUE DU FREAK: THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT movie. Then, we went to Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant at Ikano for dinner. It was descent only because so tasteless. Chief problem I think. =.=" David was telling us some jokes but FAILED cos it was so cold jokes. Everyone was laughing at him not the jokes. As what Aaron said, "We are laughing at the Joker, not the jokes!" =D *David don't angry, we are just joking* But he manage to get a few good jokes in the end.

After dinner, we headed back to Cineleisure for the movie. It was a descent story. Not much fighting scene and it's rather talk more than action. It should be like an Introduction chapter, might have part 2.

The Movie Poster

Larten Crepsley & Steve

Evra, the snake boy, Darren the main actor, also a half-human vampire & Rebecca, the monkey girl

Steve Shan the Vampire Hunter.

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