Tuesday, February 24, 2009

still waiting........

To her,

i'm still waiting...
day by day pass...
is been weeks since the last...
i almost lost count...
days i've been waiting...

just to let u know,
i'm still waiting...

等待着你 Deng Dài Zhe Ni (Original Thai Song translate and sing in mandarin)

你(nǐ) 看(kàn) 见(jiàn) 我(wǒ) 吗(ma)?
Do you see me?
我(wǒ) 望(wàng) 着(zhe) 你(nǐ) 的(de) 侧(cè) 影(yǐng)
My hope is just to see your profile.
你(nǐ) 可(kě) 看(kàn) 到(dào) 我(wǒ) 深(shēn) 情(qíng) 爱(ài) 着(zhe) 你(nǐ)
For you to see my love for you.

我(wǒ) 心(xīn) 中(zhōng) 呼(hū) 喊(hǎn)

My heart is shouting
我(wǒ) 最(zuì) 疼(téng) 惜(xī) 的(de) 名(míng) 字(zì)
the name of person I love most.
你(nǐ) 听(tīng) 到(dào) 我(wǒ) 心(xīn) 的(de) 呼(hū) 唤(huàn) 吗(ma)?
Do you hear the sound form my heart?

我(wǒ) 用(yòng) 心(xīn) 地(dì) 诉(sù) 说(shuō) 我(wǒ) 爱(ài) 你(nǐ)
I use my heart to say "I love you.",
清(qīng) 晰(xī) 地(dì) 说(shuō) 我(wǒ) 爱(ài) 你(nǐ)
use my understanding to tell "I love you"
聆(líng) 听(tīng) 你(nǐ) 那(nà) 无(wú) 声(shēng) 的(de) 侧(cè) 影(yǐng)
and listen respectfully to your slient profile,
感(gǎn) 受(shòu) 你(nǐ), 等(děng) 待(dài) 着(zhe) 你(nǐ)
feel you, waiting for you.

我(wǒ) 用(yòng) 心(xīn) 看(kàn) 你(nǐ) 唤(huàn) 你(nǐ)
I use my heart to watch you to turn yourself,
等(děng) 着(zhe) 你(nǐ) 的(de) 身(shēn) 影(yǐng) 向(xiàng) 我(wǒ) 走(zǒu) 来(lái)
waiting for you to walk towards me,
期(qī) 待(dài) 着(zhe) 有(yǒu) 一(yī) 天(tiān) 你(nǐ) 会(huì) 看(kàn) 到(dào) 我(wǒ)
for time bringing a day which you can see me.
我(wǒ) 用(yòng) 心(xīn) 看(kàn) 你(nǐ), 我(wǒ) 爱(ài) 你(nǐ)
I use my heart to see you, "I love you."

你(nǐ) 听(tīng) 见(jiàn) 我(wǒ) 吗(ma)?
Do you hear me?
看(kàn) 见(jiàn) 我(wǒ) 的(de) 存(cún) 在(zài) 吗(ma)?
Do you see me?
你(nǐ) 可(kě) 知(zhī) 道(dào) 我(wǒ) 深(shēn) 情(qíng) 等(děng) 你(nǐ) 爱(ài)
Do you know my love which is waiting to love you?

我(wǒ) 心(xīn) 中(zhōng) 渴(kě) 望(wàng)
My heart desires
专(zhuān) 注(zhù) 深(shēn) 情(qíng) 的(de) 双(shuāng) 眼(yǎn)
and absorbs in loveful eye
温(wēn) 暖(nuǎn) 我(wǒ) 寂(jì) 寞(mò) 冰(bīng) 冷(lěng) 心(xīn) 情(qíng)
which warm my cold and lonely heart.


p/s: good luck in your exam =)

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*bbS* said...

watever u write here is very meaningful, can see how it is deeply expressed here...

Ricky Tan said...

well, but seem like useless cos "she" doesn't feel the same like me..