Sunday, January 13, 2008

ShoutOut K-Session @ Redbox, The Curve

weeee... another karaoke session. *I memang cheong k maniac :P* This time went to Shouters who currently at KL or PJ. And it was fun. We even sing hokkien song... *swt* Today first time meet with Hugo Lim, Anna, Itchyichitaka & Tomagogame. After K-session, we went to camwhore session and did many crazy mia photo shot. *muahahaha* Anyway, will be posting the family photo that taken at Redbox, The Curve Room 22.

From Top Left to Right : Aaron, me, Itchyichitaka & Hugo Lim
From Down Left to Right : Firewire, Anna, Angeline, Tomagogame & Daniel

Buat Bodoh >.<"

wahahaha..... she is good ! Really good~

nobody tell me the red t-shirt le T.T

The Guys~!!!

****Click Here to View More Pictures --> ShoutOut's Sing K at The Curve 08 @ Hugo Lim

2 deVince:

MerDuriaN said...

ahoh danielctw's blog picture its you!! wakkaka you really singK maniac ohh

Ricky Tan said...

yalo.. swt~ somemore so big~ =.="