Saturday, January 12, 2008

AMBP Gathering: Coffee Therapy for Bloggers

Today went to All Malaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) Gathering at Starbucks The Gardens, MidValley. * Click AMBP's Page for more information*. Meet up with Aaron at Mid Valley Center Court and then meet with Angeline at The Gardens entrance. Then we headed to Starbucks at the 2nd floor. It's was a huge gathering where more than 30 overs bloggers turned up. Meet with the AMBP's Organizer Committee which is Michael, Andy, Sashi, Liz, & some others which i forget their name. And then get know some others bloggers. They are so cool. Friendly, cute, handsome, pretty, sexy, funny and etc etc etc.... After that, went to Nandos for lunch together with Smashp0p and the gang. Anyway, picture will do the talking now!

Starbucks at The Gardens, MidValley

The whole outdoor compound is being reserved for us :P

The Free Drinks that we get from redemption coupon that AMBP's give us

Aaron with Hung Wei's Sony A100

Aaron's Jump Kick~

Me & Samantha. She is very friendly :)

Shaun Ng, One of the Shouter at ShoutOut Box

me, Samantha & Angeline. Emo Post :P

The Group Photo

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***Will be update with more pictures soon

6 deVince:

AndyC said...

Hey there, not too sure if we've met each another at the gathering, see you soon on the next one.

Ricky Tan said...

no problem.. looking forward to meet u too next session which will be at kl next month according to michael :) said...

nice meeting you that day, now I know your name is Ricky Tan ! haha.

How come your mouth not open like the rest of us ??

Ricky Tan said...

jason : well, i'm a bit passive type of people *sometimes and depend on situation or environment*

~ S a m m y ~ said...

Ricky?? Not Vince? :o

You were super friendly & nice too, btw! ^^

Ricky Tan said...

Most of ppl know me as "deVince" in forum and bloggie... My real name is Ricky .. :)