Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Just get a new job as Assistant & Promotion Assistant in used car company at Setapak. Although the time is longer (9am-7pm) but it's quite near to my place. My department head, Jiun Chan was a nice person. She teach me alot about how to use the VSS, how to maintain web, etc etc which i nv learn before. Although i been hired to do design, but design was just a part of my job. I need to do the web maintainance, system maintainance, software maintainance, hardware maintainance all all those related to IT. Besides, i need to do admin stuff like prepare paperwork, document writing, develop photo, etc etc... Although i was shock that i need to do all kind of things, but it's better than i have no job *sigh* Hope i can"love" my job faster :P

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