Sunday, April 23, 2006

A&W n Williams PJ Outing

Date : 20 April 2006
Venue : A&W Taman Jaja & William's Corner PJ

We went to A&W at Taman Jaya, PJ. Meet with devilkia, skysherly, guest18, smoochie, sonic, creap & french guy (LYN Forumer) . Guest18 fetch skysherly come to A&W, then guest18 bang a cat. Haha.. That's make skysherly dont dare to come down and cry when reach A&W. Then devilkia help "pull" her out from car. Then whole night topic was the cat and guest18. That's why we call him "cat-banger".

After that, we went to William's to meet another group of forumer which is 7chai, firewire, chong, Eithanius, aiyume and yott-chan. There we still continue the cat topic..
Poor the cat... *sigh* Anyway, thru out the outing, we just chat crap only, but still enjoy :)

First Pic : me in yellow circle.. aiyume hand shaky, make my face blur XD
Second Pic on left : firewire, chong, creap & 7chai, devilkia, sonic.
Third Pic on right : Aiyume, smoochie, yott-chan, skysherly

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