Friday, October 03, 2008

Cuti-Cuti Raya

Am back to KL since last week friday~
Well, kinda busy & lazy to update my blog here =.-"


Anyway, the place i stayed at Johor is called Bukit Gambir. It's a very small village area even walk can round the whole area. Therefore, it's very hard to find foods here. I have to drive far just to have my dinner or supper. Besiders, the cyber cafe memang super the teruk sekali ! The chair, spoilt, floor dirty, the computers too old and slow, the worker there super lazy & the kids there very irratating.

I'm staying with my colleague & a bunch malay dudes which is my company sub-con. Everyday they went out fishing in the afternoon and only come back in the late evening. Basically, I'm always alone in the house. So, laptod keep me from bore.

Gonna going back next Wednesday. Will be back On Saturday for a Birthday Bash Plan at Port Dickson.

Today, went for another ShoutOut gathering. We went for Redbox The Curve for K-Session. Shouterz who turned out were Anna, David, Daniel, Aaron, Hugo, Wendy, Andrew, William, WaiSeng, Joshua & Me. It's was a 4 hours session and we booked a VIP room. Everyone enjoying so much. It's seem like they "shout" more than sing. =XD

After that a few of us went to play Foosball at Cineleisure while Hugo, Wendy & Anna went to jalan-jalan. Then we decided to go to Look Out Point, Cheras. We headed to Daniel's house to meet up. Everyone really get obsessed with his dog and the dogs seem like happy to have visitors. Eventhough its doesn't look so "ganas" but I still afraid of dog due to incident happened when I was kids. =XD

We had Pan Mee for dinner at Pandan Indah before headed to our destination. We stopped at road side (just before reach the LookOut Point) to take some city photo. Unfortunately, the weather seem like not very good but they still managed to take some nice picture though :)

The Beautiful City View by William

At LookOut Point, we went to a cafe while waiting for the rain stopped. The DSLR kakiz of cos as usual trying some photoshooting effect, while David, Wendy & Me played cards game. Soon after the rain stopped, we went to took some nice pictures of the beautiful KL City view in night.

City View Photo by William

02Oct2008_6376 copy
1st Row : David, Daniel, Hugo, Wai Seng
2nd Row : William, Wendy, Me & Aaron

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