Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LNT@Genting Trip

Last Saturday went to Genting for a surprise "ebil" plan~ Went with Yew, Vin Ann, Sherly, Sonic, Pdot, Creap and Valen. We are the Late Night Thread Spammer from Lowyat.Net
Actually, we have a surprise for Valen who celebrating his birthday which is yesterday 29th July 2008.

Having Breakfast at First World Cafe
Sherly & Pdot

Everybody is Posing!
Creap, Valen, Sherly, Sonic & Pdot

The Joker!!! Why So Serious!????

Chilling at Outside Hotel Genting
Pdot, Sherly, Vin Ann, Ricky, Valen

Top: Valen, Vin Ann, Yew, Pdot
Sitting: Creap, Sherly, Sonic

Top: Vin Ann, Ricky, Yew, Pdot
Sitting: Creap, Sherly, Valen

Lepak"ing" at Starbucks, Hotel First World

Ricky & Yew live report to LNT

Cam whoring via handphone cam
Vin Ann, Yew & Valen

Valen's Birthday Cake.. Hand-Make by Sherly

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