Sunday, June 29, 2008

June is Over, Here Come Julai...

I know, I know.. been missing for quite a long time since my last post. FYI, I'm now working in a new company again. My new company at Ampang nearby the Ampang Jaya Police Station as a designer. My boss, Mr.Tin & Mr. Ang are good to me. Provided me a laptod and some others like monthly parking coupon & etc etc. Is far better than my previous job.

Today went out with Joey, Cody, Ah Wai & Kelvin. We went to Manhanttan Fish at Cineleisure. Apparantely, we were celebrating Cody's belated birthday. Then, we went for a short walk at Cineleisure and The Curve before leaving home. Currently, I'm at Joey's house to online as the streamyx at my house haven't arrive. So now I'mm watching Sex is Zero 2 at Joey's house while onlining... LMAO~

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