Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kbox 1st Year Annivessary BBQ Party

Date: 30 September 2006
Venue : Bandar Utama Part, BU7
Attendance : joey, agnes, mary, ricky, ah wai, david, joyce, Teh, sonic, nick, alan, jerry, julie, calvin, seklong

Kokorobox.Net having 1st year annivessary.... therefore, we had BBQ party last saturday at Bandar Utama... Having a great time there although the number of ppl is not many... anyhow, i dont how to use words to describe it.... here is some of the pic and also video....

The Cake...

The Burned Chicken Wingz XD

me & ah wai

me in "chui sui" mode XD

A video of our Kbox founder speech...XD

For more photo and video, My Multiply

2 deVince:

lilxcute said...

@@ boink =P
so few photos de!!!
^^ take care ya

Ricky Tan said...

multiply got....
some post in forum..
not many ppl take photo as they busy bbqing XD